About me

My name is Brandon Dewey and I'm currently finishing an undergraduate degree in computer science at Colorado State. I really enjoy website development, distributed systems, computer software architecture and I believe that every software engineer should also be a good business person.

I used to work a ton of blue collar jobs when i was younger including (but not limited to) pizza joints, Denver International Airport, landscaping and UPS. Now I work as a web developer and hope to work with distributed systems one day working on something like Hadoop, server or website administration, website development or a mix of computer science and entrepreneurship.

I homebrew from time to time and really enjoy snowboarding, climbing (rock, ice, mountain - 14ers included) and football.

I am a Christian, also known as a follower of Jesus Christ. In case you didn't know Jesus was the son of God and died on a cross in order to allow us humans to be saved and to be reconnected to God via God's Spirit. I also believe that the bible is absolute truth and that the only way to live eternally is through Jesus. Please see the blog for more about all this.

Currently I have family in Thornton, CO, which is where I'm from and I am engaged to my beautiful fiance Kim, who I am set to marry in June 2015.

Feel free to email or contact me about the websites I've worked on or anything else on the projects page or even to just become my pen pal. Also you can visit some of the social sites I'm on via the links in the upper right of this site.